A magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes Granada and Malaga

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Spain at 00:08 am local time. The epicenter was located 24 kilometers southeast from Granada, 106 kilometers west of Malaga & 341 kilometers south of Madrid.

This earthquake was deep, at 616 kilometres near the Sierra Nevada mountain range. No aftershocks have yet been reported. The quake was most felt in the province of Malaga, report said. Numerous earthquakes are guessed in excess of 4.0 magnitudes to strike the region within 7 days after an earthquake of this strength.

Meanwhile, about a month ago Spanish Geologist Luis Eugenio Suarez said that Granada could suffer an earthquake within the short term, & with an intensity similar to that of February 27 Cauquenes, Chile earthquake.

The last earthquake that struck Spain was in Arenas del Rey, in Granada, 126 years ago, & a magnitude 6.6 leaving between 750 & 900 dead, 1000s injured & material destruction.