Nityananda arrested in Himachal

Self-appointed god man Nityananda, who has been connected to a sex scandal following sleazy videotape recording showing him was aired, was on Wednesday under arrest from a village 50 km on or after Shimla, police said.

"He was arrested from a home near Arki town," Solan police leader Prem Thakur said.

He had been stay at a Solan hideaway for more than a month. The tainted he was arrested after a non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against him by a court. He has been exciting under several section of the IPCC.

Videotape recording telecast in the early hours March showed Nityananda in bed with a woman. He, but, denied any wrongdoing. On March 30, the self-styled god man had announce his decision to resign as head of his Dhyanapeetam ashram and from all trust associated with it, living a life of "spiritual seclusion" for an imprecise time.

The swami's supposed sleazy acts in company of a Tamil actress were aired by TV channel on March 3. He has claim that the images in the video have been morphed and he had not done no matter which illegal.