NASA unveils of the sun

NASA released stunning new image captured by their Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, a space telescope calculated to learn our sun.

"SDO is our 'Hubble for the sun,'" says Lika Guhathakurta, a scientist, in a report released Wednesday. NASA say SDO will play a serious role in helping scientists know our nearest star more methodically, as well as its effect on our planet.

Because its start on on February 11, SDO has been moving into a geosynchronous orbit and bringing its on-board instrument online. The images unveiled on Wednesday's press discussion are among the first images sent back by the Atmospheric Imaging meeting, the observatory's main telescope array.

One thing that make SDO unique it is ability to see the full-size picture literally. Rather than just focusing on a section of the sun, the observatory is able to monitor the whole sun in what it calls the "full disk" view.

NASA strategy to have SDO in operation for the next 5 years, and says the observatory has enough fuel on board to continue to work for an additional 5 years after it complete it is initial science mission.