March 2010
An Israeli has been killed by his own forces in a boundary incident in which 3 Palestinians unlawfully crossing the border from Gaza were under arrest. The Israeli military said the Palestinians were without arms & thought to be looking for job when they were stopped.

A 2nd Israeli military unit arrived & started fire, mistaking the 1st unit for the Palestinian thinks. Worries have raised in the area despite US efforts to renew stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The soldier killed was an associate of a tank crew who had left their vehicle to come near the Gaza border near Kissufim to keep in custody the Palestinians. A guard from another unit arrived on the spot & started fire by mistake. The investigation is going on.

Wonderful footage of a truck careening at 60mph along a British freeway by a car lock in sideways on its front bumper emerged Thursday, sparked an investigation.

Video shows a trucker booming along the A1 (M) major road in West Yorkshire, northern England, seemingly insensible to the automobile trapped under its cab. The large vehicle was filmed by one more motorist for some seconds, with sparks flying from the blue Renault Clio lock in front.

Haulage company Arclid Transport verified the video is not a hoax & that the lady driver in the Clio "got out & walked away." A spokesperson said an investigation was launched into the accident & police were notified.

West Yorkshire Police said officers were aware of the video & would be working with the company to set up the exact circumstances. "Having seen the video we have restart that investigation." Secrecy encloses how the Renault Clio got there & why the truck driver failed to notice.

news2global:A magnitude of 6.6 Earthquake strikes Japan
A magnitude of 6.6 earthquakes jolted the island community in Japan, & there have been reports of limited structural damage & no casualties. This is great news for our world, as there has been a lot devastation felt because of the earthquakes.

The first one of this year was the Haitian earthquake, which created mass devastation in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. One more earthquake strike Japan on February 26. This was a 7.0 quake that took place off the coast. It makes no damage, & a tsunami alert was issued.

Chile gets an 8.8 earthquake, which in turn caused a minor tsunami in Hawaii. The tsunami didn’t cause any damage to Hawaii & no injuries. In adding to Japan’s latest earthquake, there was also a magnitude of 6.4 earthquake felt in Indonesia.

A sensible 4.9 earthquake shook India controlled Kashmir at northwest of Srinagar & its adjoining areas early Monday morning. Also a magnitude of 4.4 Earthquake jolts Los Angeles.

The California Highway Patrol says the Toyota Corolla turned off U.S Highway 1 on Sunday & went over the cliff, landing on a rocky beach below. Investigators told that took rescue personnel a number of hours to get to the crash site. All 3 were wearing seat belts.

They said the driver, 59-year-old Fidel Alvarez Chavez, & his traveler, 29-year-old Alfrado Morales, suffered moderate injuries. An additional passenger, 31-year-old Gabriel Noriega, suffered minor injuries.

Officials said that alcohol & drugs don't appear to be factors. The Corolla is a 1989 long before having gas pedal problems at Toyota.

today news:Al Qaeda Suspect Worked in 3 U.S. Nuclear Plants
The 26-year-old Mobley worked at the Salem & Hope Creek plants in New Jersey, the Peach Bottom, Limerick & 3 Mile Island facilities in Pennsylvania & Calvert Cliffs in Maryland among 2002 & 2008.

An U.S. citizen as a believed al-Qaida member worked at 3 nuclear plant complexes in Maryland, New Jersey & Pennsylvania in custody in Yemen. Authorities say he successfully finished federal background tests.

Officials said he was rounded up in an Al-Qaida sweep & shot 2 guards in a Yemeni hospital in an escape attempt. His parents say he is innocent.

http://news2global:One more powerful earthquake hits Chile
A powerful 7.2 magnitude aftershock & 4 smaller quakes rocked central Chile on Thursday, on time a tsunami warning minutes previous to Sebastian Pinera was sworn in as the new president.

2 aftershocks came before the giant one, and 2, measuring 6.9 & the other 6.0, followed, the US Geological Servey said. The major aftershock, measured at 7.2 by the US Geological Survey, set off scenes of panic between dignitaries gathered for Pinera's opening ceremony, with 7 Latin American heads of state.

Pinera went ahead & took the oath of office at the seat of the Chilean Congress in Valparaiso, and the parliament was evacuated after local officials issued a tsunami alert. The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, however, said there was no threat of a "destructive widespread tsunami."
Nigeria's Govt sent troops to the flashpoint Jos region on Monday after machete-wielding gangs attacked Christian villages, killing at least 500 people, officials said.

Police arrested more people in the wake of the attacks which came presently weeks after an additional outburst of Muslim-Christian violence, which left 100s dead. Newspapers said Muslim residents of the villages had been informed by phone text message to escape 2 days before the attacks.

Witnesses meanwhile described how the victims of Sunday's 3 hour orgy of violence, mainly women & children, were caught in animal traps & fishing nets as they tried to flee their attackers, who slashed them to death.
The death toll from a 6.0-magnitude earthquake that shook eastern Turkey on Monday around 57, report said. This caused the most deaths in 6 villages around the epicenter in the Karakocan town of the eastern state of Elazig.

The quake struck Basyurt area of Karakocan town at a depth of 5 km at 4:32 a.m. local time (0232 GMT), told the Istanbul-based Kandilli Observatory & Earthquake Research Institute of Turkey's Bogazici University.

Shakes were also felt in neighboring provinces of Tunceli, Bingol & Diyarbakir. The institute has so far reported 27 aftershocks & more are expected over the next hours & days. Schools are closed for 2 days. The Turkish Red Crescent had offers 500 tents & foodstuff to the quake zone.

It quoted Turkey's Disaster & Emergency Situation Management Directorate as saying the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.8 on the Richter scale.

News2Global:Bomb blow in Iraq during poll
Minimum of 38 people were killed yesterday & more than 65 wounded as voters went to the polls in Iraq.

In 1 attack, 25 people died when a bomb blew up a Baghdad block of flats. A similar explosion at another residential building claimed 4 more victims.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an arm of al-Qaeda, had vowed to attack anyone voting in the second parliamentary election since the 2003 US invasion, but officials told out of 50,000 polling stations only 2 had closed due to the violence.

news2global:Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes Sumatra Island & Chile once more
A magnitude-6.5 undersea earthquake strike the western shore of Indonesia's Sumatra Island on Friday,causing horror with no injuries or damages, an official said.

The quake struck late at nighttime 74 miles (119 kilometers) southeast of Pagai Selatan, an island off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesian Meteorology & Geophysics.

The quake struck 6 miles under the Indian Ocean bed. There was no tsunami possible, he said. When quake strikes people fled their homes & rushed to higher ground. Indonesia rests on a sequence of fault lines that create the extensive archipelago nation one of the most earthquake-prone.

In Taiwan earthquake strike injuring 11 peoples, stopping transport & creates minor damage & fires. The quake also set off 5 fires, with one at a textile factory. Helicopters were used to drop extinguishers to help easiness the blaze.One more 6.2 Earthquake strike in chile.

news2global:Thursday morning a 6.4 Earthquake in Taiwan
An powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.4 & depth 23.1km has struck a highly peopled area in the island of Taiwan region having the population as 22.4 million in China. GDACS approximations the likelihood for require of worldwide humanitarian intervention to be average.

The earthquake occurred at morning 8 local time. At the moment a day, more people are at work & therefore more in danger to collapsing office buildings. For the period of traffic hours, people can be affected by collapsing bridges & other road infrastructure.

The earthquake hit 44km from the city of Ping-tung. The nearby more peopled places are Ch'-nu (20km), P'ai-wan-she (19km), T'ao-lin (12km), Tun-na-tsun (12km). It is a rocky region with a maximum altitude of 3702 m.

The earthquake recorded today in Taiwan comes a few days following the shocking earthquake that hit Chile on 27 February this year minimum of 700 dead & Haiti in January having the toll that go over 300 thousand victims.

News2Global:Missing California Teen Found
A body believed to be that of a missing 17-year-old California girl was recovered Tuesday afternoon, San Diego Sheriff William Gore said.

Gore said the body was found in a shallow grave covered in debris after a finder noticed something that seemed doubtful.

The teen, Chelsea King, moved out Thursday from a wooded park in San Diego County. The body was found in a wooded area near a tributary that leads down to a lake, Gore told. "A positive ID has not been made, but there is a strong likelihood that we have found Chelsea's," Gore at an afternoon news conference.

News2 Global:Chile Quake kill's near 708 peoples
Chile's ambassador to Australia speaks his government wants international assistance as it copes with the double disasters of an earthquake & a tsunami.The Chilean govt initially told it needed time to assess the damage before it called for help, but ambassador Jose Luis Balmaceda speaks the situation has changed.

"This query was lastly solved late last night & was sent to all the embassies around the world," he said. "I have been in touch with AusAid throughout the whole morning & with DFAT about this require. I guess that AusAid will take the essential measures in order to provide part of the requirements."

Previous, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet confirmed the earthquake had killed 708 people except he told that number was possible to increase as emergency workers attained more affected spots.


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