One more powerful earthquake hits Chile

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A powerful 7.2 magnitude aftershock & 4 smaller quakes rocked central Chile on Thursday, on time a tsunami warning minutes previous to Sebastian Pinera was sworn in as the new president.

2 aftershocks came before the giant one, and 2, measuring 6.9 & the other 6.0, followed, the US Geological Servey said. The major aftershock, measured at 7.2 by the US Geological Survey, set off scenes of panic between dignitaries gathered for Pinera's opening ceremony, with 7 Latin American heads of state.

Pinera went ahead & took the oath of office at the seat of the Chilean Congress in Valparaiso, and the parliament was evacuated after local officials issued a tsunami alert. The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, however, said there was no threat of a "destructive widespread tsunami."