Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes Sumatra Island & Chile once more

news2global:Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes Sumatra Island & Chile once more
A magnitude-6.5 undersea earthquake strike the western shore of Indonesia's Sumatra Island on Friday,causing horror with no injuries or damages, an official said.

The quake struck late at nighttime 74 miles (119 kilometers) southeast of Pagai Selatan, an island off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesian Meteorology & Geophysics.

The quake struck 6 miles under the Indian Ocean bed. There was no tsunami possible, he said. When quake strikes people fled their homes & rushed to higher ground. Indonesia rests on a sequence of fault lines that create the extensive archipelago nation one of the most earthquake-prone.

In Taiwan earthquake strike injuring 11 peoples, stopping transport & creates minor damage & fires. The quake also set off 5 fires, with one at a textile factory. Helicopters were used to drop extinguishers to help easiness the blaze.One more 6.2 Earthquake strike in chile.