Thursday morning a 6.4 Earthquake in Taiwan

news2global:Thursday morning a 6.4 Earthquake in Taiwan
An powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.4 & depth 23.1km has struck a highly peopled area in the island of Taiwan region having the population as 22.4 million in China. GDACS approximations the likelihood for require of worldwide humanitarian intervention to be average.

The earthquake occurred at morning 8 local time. At the moment a day, more people are at work & therefore more in danger to collapsing office buildings. For the period of traffic hours, people can be affected by collapsing bridges & other road infrastructure.

The earthquake hit 44km from the city of Ping-tung. The nearby more peopled places are Ch'-nu (20km), P'ai-wan-she (19km), T'ao-lin (12km), Tun-na-tsun (12km). It is a rocky region with a maximum altitude of 3702 m.

The earthquake recorded today in Taiwan comes a few days following the shocking earthquake that hit Chile on 27 February this year minimum of 700 dead & Haiti in January having the toll that go over 300 thousand victims.