Investigate into Car caught under Truck Speeding down Highway

Wonderful footage of a truck careening at 60mph along a British freeway by a car lock in sideways on its front bumper emerged Thursday, sparked an investigation.

Video shows a trucker booming along the A1 (M) major road in West Yorkshire, northern England, seemingly insensible to the automobile trapped under its cab. The large vehicle was filmed by one more motorist for some seconds, with sparks flying from the blue Renault Clio lock in front.

Haulage company Arclid Transport verified the video is not a hoax & that the lady driver in the Clio "got out & walked away." A spokesperson said an investigation was launched into the accident & police were notified.

West Yorkshire Police said officers were aware of the video & would be working with the company to set up the exact circumstances. "Having seen the video we have restart that investigation." Secrecy encloses how the Renault Clio got there & why the truck driver failed to notice.