A magnitude of 6.6 Earthquake strikes Japan

news2global:A magnitude of 6.6 Earthquake strikes Japan
A magnitude of 6.6 earthquakes jolted the island community in Japan, & there have been reports of limited structural damage & no casualties. This is great news for our world, as there has been a lot devastation felt because of the earthquakes.

The first one of this year was the Haitian earthquake, which created mass devastation in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. One more earthquake strike Japan on February 26. This was a 7.0 quake that took place off the coast. It makes no damage, & a tsunami alert was issued.

Chile gets an 8.8 earthquake, which in turn caused a minor tsunami in Hawaii. The tsunami didn’t cause any damage to Hawaii & no injuries. In adding to Japan’s latest earthquake, there was also a magnitude of 6.4 earthquake felt in Indonesia.

A sensible 4.9 earthquake shook India controlled Kashmir at northwest of Srinagar & its adjoining areas early Monday morning. Also a magnitude of 4.4 Earthquake jolts Los Angeles.